My best kitchen memory is when I was 14 years old and my grandmother invited me to the kitchen to help her make Balchao, a Portuguese-Goan prawn curry. My memory of that dish is vivid, exciting and adds to my many memories of my time with my grandmother.


Food has the power of being able to create these kinds of memories that hit all your senses – sight, taste, smell, touch, sound.



With exotic ingredients, unfamiliar dishes and bold flavors, Indian cuisine is tantalizing and sometimes intimidating. It uses the entire palette of flavors – Spicy, Sweet, Sour, and Salty – sometimes, all in one bite. There are about 30 to 40 spices used in a lot of different ways – each spice has a reason to be in the dish, either providing one of the four “S” flavors or health benefits.



At Bad Indian, the food is made of uncomplicated ingredients that come together in interesting ways and allow you to experience the flavors of India and the Middle East – two places that have influenced my personal food journey.


I hope you enjoy your experience and take back a memory for your own food journey.



Home Cooking


Food brings families and friends together - creating new memories and unforgettable moments.




Pop Up Events


Bad Indian went Pop Up for the first time and took 55 friends on a 5 course food journey - discovering the flavours of the indian kitchen. 



Upcoming Events


** 15th and 16th of June 2018 **

Bad Indian goes pop up at Monopol in Raunheim. Make a reservation via


Note: Saturday is sold out! Limited seats available on Friday. 


We run Bad Indian, cooking evenings and the website as a hobby - please accept delays. 


We are currently in the design phase of our website. Please accept that we launch our website step by step. Thank you




Unsere Website befindet sich in der Designphase und geht Schritt für Schritt in 2018 live. Danke für Euren Besuch